Turtles in the Beach

Enjoy the Nature – Turtles in the beach
Leatherback Turtle in Deerfield Beach Huge Leatherback Turtle just 200 yards from the Carriage House Resort

Leatherback Turtle


Recently, a huge Leatherback turtle was seen at the beach laying her eggs.
This is common from April to September but what is not common is that this one was seen during the day. They prefer to lay their eggs at night. It probably weighed about 300 pounds. She dug a huge hole, laid dozens of eggs, covered them with sand and slowly went back to the water.
Many persons that were enjoying the beach were very lucky to witness such a spectacular event.

Several weeks later the tiny turtles are hatched and immediately begin to push themselves toward the water. Deerfield Beach is one of the areas along the Atlantic Ocean where several types of marine turtles choose to lay their eggs. The nests are carefully marked and protected. The lighting along the beach was specially designed to minimize interfering with the turtles natural habits.

This photograph was taken by one of our guests.

New-born Turtles in Deerfield Beach

Hundreds and hundreds of new born turtles were captured by a Carriage House Resort guest in this impressive movie. The baby turtles are coming out from the nests (carefully guarded in Deerfield Beach) and start the first and most important journey in their life by going back to the sea. Protected by the people in the beach, contemplating this unique spectacle, all baby turtles survived and made it to the sea!