Taking vacation in Deerfield Beach

Why Taking Holidays in Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, a natural paradise surrounded by hundreds of different types of plants and trees, is considered one of the best options to take vacation at any time of year in the United States. Impossible to go by unnoticed, this coastal city, with countless attractions, is recognized as a place to take a break from life´s chaotic rhythm .

Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier

See the many reasons why you want to have vacations in Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach Pier

If you like fishing you cannot miss Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier.

Famous for its large catches rarely made from a pier (Yes! You would be able to catch specimens that are usually found in deep water) This magnificent 976-foot pier, best known as Deerfield Beach International Pier, is a great choice for beginners and advanced fishermen, as well as for tourists who want to relax and walk just a few feet above the surface of the ocean. Deerfield Beach Fishing Pier offers free fishing classes on Saturday morning, which tells us a lot about the friendly community of Deerfield Beach.

The Beach

deerfield-beach-ocean-way-beachfrontIt wouldn´t be enough to mention that Deerfield Beach has recently won a national award for having among the cleaner beaches and crystal clear water in the USA. Yes, in Deerfield Beach pollution and cleanness are taken seriously and once you are there you will notice it in the streets , beaches and green areas.Beyond the unpolluted air , the crystal clear water at a warm temperature, in Deerfield Beach you can surf , play beach volleyball, go fishing, play soccer and other activities organized by individuals and Deerfield Beach city hall.

Deerfield Beach Nightlife

What about Deerfield Beach nightlife? Well, lets say you’re wont run out of options.

In case you want to go to dinner you can choose from gourmet French restaurants to delivery in the hotel you are staying. If you are looking for evening entertainment for the whole family, Paragon 8 Movie Theatre is a good choice, however for young couples there are excellent bars, sports bars and dance clubs. Not to leave anyone out, in Deerfield you can find more than one Jazz and Blues club.



Special Events

4th_of_july_in_Deerfield_Beach_boxWell, of course there are several. But in this case I choose to tell you about a personal experience. What better than a place like Deerfield Beach to spend a 4th of July (if you are a foreign tourist the experience gets more intense) , summer , beach and a lovely city. What else do you need?

You can start the day having something light to eat and at night go dinner to an American grill , after you are done , get to the beach and enjoy a great fireworks show, not only from Deerfield, since from the beach you will appreciate the fires from, Pompano, Fort Lauderdale and other close cities.

If you do not know where to stay in Deerfield Beach, Carriage House Resort Motel, offers the best service, excellent price, just steps from the beach. Personally I stayed there with my family in a spacious unit ample for all of us. There are several options for Motels in Deerfield Beach, but you won’t regret if you follow my advice.

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